Grand Skylight International Hotel NADI


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Address:No. 12 Jinbin Road, Wenwusha Street,, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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The hotel is located in Fuzhou Binhai New Town, which is close to the lush East Lake. Stepping into the lobby of the hotel, you will feel as if you are home with exquisite and chic modern decoration style and warm, generous and thoughtful hospitality. From the hotel, you can walk to the digital China Convention and Exhibition Center, which is only 15 minutes' drive from Changle International Airport. The hotel has many guest rooms with elegant and exquisite furnishings and luxury bedding. The executive lounge runs through the theme of boutique teahouse. Located on the 12th floor of the hotel, it is an ideal place for private parties and VIP hospitality. The hotel has 2 restaurants in a comfortable environment, offering you all kinds of local and international dishes. There is also an elegant and comfortable lobby bar, so that you and your relatives and friends can have a drink and enjoy a happy time. With superior location and excellent service, the hotel is your comfortable place to stay. Guests from all over the world are welcome to visit this city in Southeast China and enjoy elegant, fashionable and cultural catering and accommodation experience.